Happy New Year 2010

Written on Jan.10,2010 posted on facebook

I was just giggling to myself as I washed dishes.Memories of my Grandma LaValley and her way of “stretching” everything.The times that she’d serve a delicious dinner with rolls (a few days old).We’d eat hearty,finishing those rolls too,then she’ d bring out the fresh rolls! Of course,we were now too full to eat them.Those would be the “few days old” rolls at our next gathering! HA!
Nowadays,I am mortified by the young families who do not even consider eating leftovers! The sad part is they have no dogs to fill with scraps either.Down the drain it goes!
I find myself in the wedge between old and new.We always eat leftovers and relish them but I will throw away a dollup of cream cheese or green beans that do not number twenty.(My mother won’t.)
My generation has a difficult time.We realize the value of sewing a hole in a sock but save so many that clutter becomes an enemy.Really,so what’s wrong with throwing some socks out twice a year and paying $5.00 to replace them?It has taken me too many years to become” logically” thrifty! The thrifty gene is a strong one! We,now, do not spend hardly enough time ,at home(as a rule)to be afforded the time to save in this manner. Time is the key word. Time is now a commodity unto itself.Something that has a worth in dollars and cents.
I find that my husband and I buy time.Each of us have taken unpaid vacations for years! Some would think that unwise since we are far from well to do.
If I were to win the lottery,(I seldom play…Thrifty gene!)I have the fantasy of having time! Time to be more creative,time to learn something new…etc.
I wish all my friends and family a Happy New Year filled with TIME for all their happy projects!” Time” cannot be served as a leftover!


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