Roll over in Clover! project # 2

Four-leafed clover

One of the biggest parts of creativity is observation skill. Kids are born with these “powers” but can lose them.

I was in my mid twenties before I decided to search for the famed “four-leafed clover” ! Yes,they DO exist along with 5,6,7 and 8 leafed ones!

Give me five!

Once you train your eye the search is much easier. See if you can pick out the extra leafed clover in figure 1 .

Figure 1

Sending your preteens off to search or searching with the little ones, is a wonderful time consuming project!

Once you find them,pick them at their stem base close to the ground. Next, press them in a paperback book for a week to dry and preserve them. I have forgotten which book I used only to discover a clover much later!

Book pressed and ready!

If you have a laminating machine, you can make beautiful bookmarks as gifts for friends. Place the dried clover and a heartfelt personal message between the sheets.After running it through the machine, cut it to any shape and punch a hole in it. Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and “presto” a “one of a kind” lucky bookmark! (Clear contact paper can be used instead of laminating machines. Practice with paper scraps before you try to place the clover on. Getting a smooth fit takes a few tries!)

I like to make up my own poems:

I found this clover

just for you!

It’s “one of a kind”

and lucky too!

When you design your bookmark try using cut out photos from magazines or mail order catalogs to further personalize it. The catalogs with funny t-shirts are a blast to use! A horse lover,for example, might enjoy a horse etc.

If you choose,you could make a lucky medallion with the contact paper by trimming around the clover while leaving room for a punched hole. Thread with ribbon and it could be worn as jewelry!

Start saving magazines and catalogs. Other projects will find them useful!



2 thoughts on “Roll over in Clover! project # 2

  1. I’m convinced that we’re kindred grammas. Your interactions with kids are so similar to mine.

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