Going Against the Grain

Television is a wonderful way to teach kids about life! You heard me.

Yes, kids can sit in front of it too much and should enjoy outdoor activities also BUT the situations presented on the “tube” are often a discussion opener for  feelings and morals. Your kids need to know what you think.

Cartoons are so valuable. The question,” Was that real?” is asked of my kids daily. The next question is usually,” What would really happen?”.

I’m the kind of person who likes to have planned scenarios in my head for emergencies and even awkward moments. Too many times we are stuck in the emotions of a situation and ,without having “prethought ” a reaction, are doomed to goof up! Goofing up is not an option when it comes to safety. Having a plan,makes ALL the difference.

Planning what to do in awkward moments can save you from major embarrassments. Anticipating what to say at a funeral, or remembering to offer support to someone who’s embarrassed, can make all the difference also. Watching TV, is the way to practice scenarios. This is true for young and old.

Thank-you television for your ability to alert me to life situations so I can have a plan. Offering a well thought encouraging word to someone in need is a lifeline in itself. Knowing what to do if  someone’s clothes are on fire is a life saver. Both are often brought to you through television!


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