Your own Olympics project #4

The thrill of victory!

If you have a large group of kids,or just three, this can be great fun!

Have an afternoon of kid Olympics. The preteens can plan the day. Making up the contests is great fun. Decorating the yard in advance would be cool. Let the kids go for it!

The awards can be certificates that the kids create.

Some ideas for awards are:

1. Extra time on a video game.

2. Getting to choose the cereal of the week.

3. Riding “shotgun” in the car for a week.

Anything that can be used as currency in your home will do!

One event idea might be holding your breath the longest! To avoid accidental cheating, the competitors  will face off in twos. Each player holds the others nose(lightly) and the judge watches their mouths.

The idea is to have the planning the biggest part of the fun! It almost always is.

Make sure someone takes photos and assumes the role of journalist/reporter! You may invite spectators, and advertise your day to the neighborhood. The more kids the more fun!

Of course, all events need to be cleared by parents to keep them safe!


2 thoughts on “Your own Olympics project #4

  1. I appreciate the creative stories and thought provoking ways you approach kids. People can learn alot by reading and implementing some of the truths that you present. Thanks.

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