Joke’s on Me

Good Guess

OK, I admit it. I think I’m funny.

I name my pets unusual names just to play with people’s minds. My current cat’s name is “Guess”. When I call the vet to make an appointment, the receptionist always asks,”What’s your pet’s name?” Of course, I say ,”Guess”. A long pause. I let her off of the hook after a moment and spell,G-U-E-S-S.

“Ohhhhh!” she giggles. The next thing I hear is the receptionist calling to her coworker across the room. “Shelly,you are not going to believe what this cat is named!”



“I’m NOT a mind reader!”comes and irritated reply.


“Oh gosh! Isn’t that cute?”

Well being funny can backfire on a person. I have another story about a cleverly named cat.

First,you need to know that my own family calls me Susan. My husband has the habit of introducing me as Sue. When I introduce myself, I use Susan. My day care kids and neighbors know me as Susan.

My Italian Grandmother was deathly afraid of cats. The “wives tales” she had been told as a child were too much for her to overcome. She was also full of superstitions. I don’t really know why I mentioned that. She just surprised me when a stray kitten wandered into my yard. “Oh, poor thing. It’s good luck when a cat chooses you.”

Norman had the biggest mouth. He was a survivor for sure. I named him after my brother because they both were really big pains!

“Norman has been climbing on my curtains again.” “Norman wakes me up when he goes crazy at night!”

It made me chuckle every time I said it.

One Easter Sunday, my husband,kids and I were returning home from the inlaws when I spotted a note on my door. It started out,”SUSAN…” . At this point, it became my sister’s hand writting.

“Norman’s been hit by a car!”

Oh my goodness! My brother was hurt!

“He was laying on the ground across the street then got up and ran away!”

My heart was in my throat as I pictured my brother lying on the neighbor’s lawn…WAIT A MINUTE!

It was signed, Michael and Lisa. The kids across the street.

My relief was expressed in a belly laugh,cough and choke! They were obviously referring to our cat.

The cat returned later that day with only a few scrapes. My stomach returned to it’s normal place sometime after that!


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