A Recipe of Me…project # 6

I heard about an activity that preschoolers were doing and thought it would be fantastic for big kids too!

AtĀ the child care center where my daughter works, the kids had been cooking with the teachers and learning about recipes. One teacher (Shana šŸ™‚ ) asked the kids to create a recipe for making themselves. The recipes were delightful, filled with cups of smiles and soccer balls, etc. !

The story or poetry assignment for your school aged kids could be the same, “A RecipeĀ Of Me”.

This will test their insightfulness and celebrate their individuality. A fun variation could be creating recipes of family and friends,as well.

Instruct them to use cooking terms such as;

marinated in…

a cup of…

a teaspoon of…

blend and grill for…

fold into…

Give the kids recipe books to look through to “stir” their imaginative juices!

Let me know of your results. I’ll be posting some of mine when school is out for summer!


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