Write me a story…project #5

One of the fun things that I do repeatedly with my school age kids is have them write me a story. They love this!

I start by handing them a piece of paper with six words on it. The words are chosen by me at random. Some are adjectives,verbs and nouns. A sample list might be: delicious-fell-knight-design-hairy-plain.

The kids create their own story from their words. The results are so much fun. The kids surprise themselves with their creativity!

Another version of this project is to choose a few photos from magazines and then hand them one to create a story around. I tell them that the picture must become a moment from their story.

All summer long the kids beg me for this project. This keeps them creative, writing and spelling. Once in a while, I offer prizes for the best story. We discuss using dialog, scene description and character developement. It is hard to choose a winner but my reasons for my choice are about the craft of the story, as much as, the content.

Save the stories over subsequent years, they’ll love to reread them AND they’ll see how they have grown.


2 thoughts on “Write me a story…project #5

  1. Good projects-Kids of all ages would benefit from these exercises.
    Even elderly Alzheimer’s patients.

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