Zabby Eight Update 6/13/10

Well,according to Kat, Zabby Eight has been busy in her new career. She is now 18 and owns her own chainsaw. (Imaginary girls can age at will and then return to any age they had been.)
Kat’s description of Zabby’s aging was due to a year that had only Januarys. Since Zabby’s birthday is in January, she got older quicker!
Zabby Eight’s job is to cut down all the old and diseased trees and then haul them to a mill to make firewood. She cleans up the forest and helps make firewood at the same time. A fine career for a girl who loves the forest!
Zabby’s best friend Alodda helps her by stacking wood.
Arthur Eight, Zabby’s brother who is a perpetual student, will have a rare day off to attend a volleyball tournament at our house between the girls and boys. He will bring along his friends Jojo,Leaf,and Dadida to complete the boy’s team.
The girl’s team will consist of Kat, Zabby, Alodda and me.
I’ll be reporting about that very game soon.


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