Share in Their Wealth

You know when you find a genie and he gives you three wishes BUT he tells you there is one rule, No Wishes for Unlimited Wishes. Why doesn’t anyone make their first wish, “I wish there were no rules about wishes.” ?

Rules are made to be broken if you are clever enough to do it.

Have you ever watched some of those jail reality shows on TV? It always amazes me how clever those inmates can be to usurp the rules. My next question is always, what is that inventive person doing in jail? If he applied half the energy into living a good life and offering his talent to mankind, he’d have been the next Bill Gates. What is wrong with this picture?

I just saw the greatest commercial ever. (Well some of those Mormon ones about patience and understanding are good.) It was about the masses of children who are born to be invisible. The kids who do not fit in with just the “jocks” or will never be part of the “populars”. The ones who go to school every day with their stomachs in a knot because they want to belong to a group but are  multi-talented. HEY KIDS! You are the future. You are the most valuable resource our world has for the betterment of mankind! Don’t let anyone keep you down including yourself.

It’s so hard to see beyond the present when you are young. It is very important that all kids feel valued and school is not the place that can offer this. The schools are too busy keeping order, avoiding lawsuits and protecting the few “bad” teachers. The teachers’ union has become so powerful that it cannot even consider what’s best for the kids. Too busy folks! Politically correct or be sued ya know.

There are so many parents who wish that they could home school but just can’t. The next best thing is to be involved and to value thinking and learning in your home. I was so fortunate to have a mom who is a teacher.(I did not think so while having to do book reports during summer vacation.) All parents are their kids’ first and best teachers. They need to be involved in their kids’ schooling at least engaging them about their homework and talking about what’s going on at school.

I recently had a discussion with a young woman who had the benefit of seeing education from a unique perspective. She was educated in Iran during her early years and ended up finishing her education in Mississippi. The Iranian schools taught Algebra in the third and fourth grade. The Mississippi schools did not introduce it until High School. The one constant in her education were her parents. She smiled as she pictured sitting at the dinner table with her Dad and going over her homework. This was a daily ritual. Education is NOT about how much money a school system has or the “special” programs they offer, it is about families. If the kids feel that learning is valued then they will learn…anywhere.

Our culture is geared toward having fewer children. This is supposed to be so we can offer them more advantages. I fear parents plan their lives according to before and after their children, and are losing touch with the inbetween. I’m convinced that other cultures plan their lives about their children due to the shear number of kids they have, as well as, a cultural commitment to them. Wonder if our falling behind in the world when educating our kids may have to do with this simple formula?

The physical closeness of family is not available often in our modern world. Mentors are a great incentive to kids. Kids need to be validated by adults ,other than their parents,too. Make sure your kids have opportunities to make adult friends. Coaches,teachers,day care providers, neighbors, librarians etc. can help your child keep the confidence they need to survive the school years. Only parents can afford them an education.


2 thoughts on “Share in Their Wealth

    • Thanks! I just remember things that I’ve seen that pertain to what I’m saying and go to youtube to find them. As for the Raymond clip, I was searching for a similar one and found the one I used was a better fit! Sometimes you are just lucky 🙂

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