Magical Moments

The last day of school…magical moment. It’s not that school is so bad,really, it’s the anticipation of days without it. I have goosebumps just remembering the feeling.

One of my favorite books, Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon, has a scene about that moment of “freedom from” school. I haven’t read this book in years. It’s a scene I carry with me and enjoy, especially in the month of June. The scene describes a group of boys riding their bikes which were considered more like sidekicks than vehicles.  They form a circle while throwing their heads back ,their arms up and embracing the magical moment after school’s release for summer.  In my head, I was with them. I could feel the breeze on my face and the perfect fit of old “Flash” beneath me. Of course, every kid from MY day named their bike! We were “wanna be” cowboys and our bikes were our trusty steeds.

I believe that the treasury of memories from childhood is the most sacred of my possessions. Those “curl your toes”,electric,”night before Christmas” feelings are like adrenaline each time I call them up.

Remember exiting the family car at the yearly county fair? I do. The tamped down hayfield at my feet, the aroma of cotton candy mixed with that heavenly farm animal perfume, flashing lights and the somewhat muffled squeals of delight from the top of a ride overhead, what a recipe for excitement.

How about that moment just beneath the surface of the water after you dive into the lake? Can you feel it? A shock of cool water on your face as you open your eyes to the bubbles created by your entry. There’s the sudden loss of sound followed by new sounds, foreign aquatic sounds. You may have a chance to glance around. Darkness is below, a silver shimmer above you as you drink in this whole moment with every sense in your body! Wow! It’s hard to imagine why people turn to drugs when experiencing, seeing, the world is so intoxicating. Being so “in the moment” is god’s gift to children. Keeping those moments alive and revisited in your heart, is your gift to yourself.

Now try rereading this post while this music video plays. It’s MAGIC 🙂


5 thoughts on “Magical Moments

  1. Love this. I’ve felt all those things but don’t think I’ve embraced the pleasures of life as you have. Thanks for reminding me and encouraging me to hold them tight.

  2. Yup. Last day of school, going to the fair, diving into the water at the lake…treasures til the end of time. Great descriptions. Glad I didn’t know when it was happening that they were the best days of my life.

  3. Impressive that the author of “Boy’s Life” featured this blog on his facebook.
    Your memories-of the county fair was well done. I remember going to that fair when I was a kid. Dad would take so much time looking at the farm machinery and livestock ;they were always the first things we saw because they in the the area near the parking lot. We kids were straining to get to the midway. Anticipation was really heightened but it was so painful to have to stand by while Dad talked about the cattle and machinery. Mom and Dad would not let us loose on the midway -they had heard all about those “carnies”.
    Those were the days the fun and the agony of delay!

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