Zabby Eight Update 6/21/10

Seems like Zabby is a bit of a pest. Not only does she push Kat out of bed at night. Lately, she’s been responsible for many spills. It remains to be seen whether she is naughty or just clumsy.

Kat let me in on a unique experience that Zabby and she had last week. Move over Rod Serling, Zabby and Kat shared half their brains with the spiders who live in Grandma’s bathroom! Seems that the girls have a special understanding of the intention of spiders now that they shared those imaginary brain parts. I was let in on this scientific wonder when Katherine insisted that I escort her to the bathroom. I asked her why a big girl of the ripe old age of four and three-quarters was unable to go by herself?

“Because you have spiders.” she said.

“Spiders are way too small to hurt you Katherine and they are not after you anyway.”

“Oh yes they are after Zabby and me!”

“How could you possibly know what the spiders think?”

This is when I was informed of the imaginary transplants. How can you argue with that? Certainly, I had no prepared adult answer.

So…I put the baby down and took her to the bathroom.


3 thoughts on “Zabby Eight Update 6/21/10

  1. Susan I really like your blog (I wish I could write as well) but has it occurred to you that perhaps Katherine should have a blog of her own?

    Dictated to you until such time as she can write herself-with that imagination the sky’s the limit.

  2. I’m sure that you’re right-it was a rather off hand remark -not meant to be taken too seriously. With computers it’s not easy to hear tone of voice.

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