Sanctity of the Bathroom

I have had some of my most meaningful talks with my granddaughter in the bathroom. There’s something to be said for this room where the world can be put on ”¬†pause”. She’s almost five yet still asks me to take her there. Many people would think that this is the early onset of a lazy approach to life. I’d like to offer an alternate reason.

When little children are of toilet training age (about 2), they sometimes resist this long-awaited transition. Many “old school” parents are quick to attribute this to laziness. I say that the child is not willing to give up the diaper changing bond that developes with parents and caregivers. Think about it. Since the beginning, the child has enjoyed a few moments with adult eye contact and their full attention. This is so often the time we take to kiss their belly or make playful talk with them. Katherine may be almost five but she knows the value of taking this time to ask¬† poignant questions while grandma sits,on the edge of the bathtub, face to face with her. She once confided that she was unsure how to react to all the attention she was about to get on her birthday. She was on the potty at the time. This very morning we had a two-minute talk about missing old friends while making new ones.

My years with children has thankfully given me an insight that I may not have had otherwise, glad to let everyone in on it, as well.


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