Head Games

When I was about 8 years old I used to play a game while riding in the family car. It was called Never Gonna See That Again. The game was for one player, ME. The object of the game was to locate a single leaf on a tree along the highway and keep it in sight for as long as I could. There was no talking and no one else knew that I was playing. While viewing this leaf , I said,”Never gonna see that again.” with my internal voice. The object of my attention need not to have been a leaf but it had to be something random enough so that I would never,ever have an opportunity to look at it again.

I guess I still play the game when I walk in the woods. My eyes are wide open and the sights and sounds are as valuable to me as anything a person ever knew was a “one time” event. For that reason I love photography. I do not collect images, I consider them moments captured. The photography people often comment that photos were great captures. Now I get it!

The excitement that I feel when I find a tree frog is absolutely no different from the rush of a rollercoaster ride! I never realized it but everyone does not experience the world in this manner. Those were lucky stars that I was born under! 

I cannot take credit for it because, as the kids are saying, “It is what it is.” The next best thing is putting it down in print and finding people who are of like thinking, as well as, introducing others to our kind of “animal”.

In future blog posts, I want to discuss how I keep 3D models of the months of the year and the days of the week for reference in my mind. Guess I thought everyone did until I mentioned it to a few people at a party who excused themselves and never came back to finish the discussion 🙂

I want to explore and document how my mind’s eye sees. Hope others will share their thoughts about this. “Fascinating!”


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