Zabby Eight Update 6/30/10

Zabby and Kat were seeing spots before their eyes.

It was 1:30am on Grandma’s couch for a sleepover. Kat was reaching into the dim light and snatching at the air.

“What are you doing Katherine?” I asked.

“I’m catching those little things that fly in my eyes. Zabby and I do it all the time. See them Grandma. Look there!”

“I can’t see what you and Zabby see. Those are in your eyes. I don’t know what they are called but I know what you mean. I can see them too sometimes.”

“Let’s give them a name.”

“How about eye goobers?” I offered. “Now go back to sleep you guys!”

The whole subject must have stayed on her mind. Later that morning Kat rushed me and said,” I want to call them “eye tickles”.” I knew what she was referring to right away.

“Sounds great to me. What does Zabby say?”

“She’s the one who thought of it.” Kat added.

Since Zabby was getting all the credit for naughty deeds lately, I was happy to let her have the credit for a good idea this time. Even imaginary girls can have great ideas.


2 thoughts on “Zabby Eight Update 6/30/10

    • Thanks. My favorite line from the movie,True Grit, was when Rooster Cogburn is watching the girl and says with pride,”She reminds me of me.” I feel that way about Kat too .

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