Defining Freedom

"Old Glory My Flag"

The school kids often think” freedom” is another word for anarchy.  This is primarily because they follow the word freedom with “to”. Our Blessed  freedoms as Americans are more aptly described as freedom “from”.

Freedom from oppression.

Freedom from tyranny.

Another misinterpreted word is “rights”. Many confuse the “rights”  argument with the “freedom to” movement.

We all have the freedom to apply for a mortgage and the bank has a right to deny it.

We all have the right to “due process” but not the freedom to break the law when it suits us .

We have the right to “pursue happiness” but not the freedom to infringe upon other citizens to do so as well.

Then there is one more group. The freedom “of” is a whole new class.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom of the press.

In these cases, citizens are allowed to express themselves with those methods. You can use your freedom of speech as freedom from ridicule while your freedom to party gives you the right to assemble at a BBQ! Got it? I’m confused!

The further that we get from our history classes the more that we could use a refresher course.

Let’s talk about our Constitution the next time the family gets together! I believe our best hope for the future of the United States is to stop using semantics and to define ourselves once again by our Constitution in its original form.

Happy Fourth of July friends!


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