A True Friend

My True Friend...Ollie.

“Something is up! My family has been putting their things in boxes. The “camping” word has been in my ears often lately. I can smell the excitement. Yup…I’ve heard “go” at least 100 times!” 

How do our dogs know about our vacation plans before we even get on the road? Mine has been at my heels for the last 2 days! Ollie is NOT going to be overlooked when the boarding of the car takes place. 

Amazing animals our dogs! They study us and know us better than we can see ourselves. We must be so very boring in our normal routines. When you think about it, they really are our true friends. They are interested in every move we make and at the “ready” when we need them. I noticed that my little pal is like my shadow when I’m at camp. He can be sound asleep in his lounge chair and as soon as I step from the deck, he’s suddenly right behind me! This makes me wonder. Is he with me because I’m his (excuse the pun) “gravy train” or does every dog have a little Rin Tin Tin in them and he’s my protector? I prefer the latter idea. Ollie is MY hero. He’s my vigilant friend and guardian. 

Just like each of us, heroism remains unseen unless heroic acts are needed. Every person is a potential hero and every dog is Rin Tin Tin. At least, that’s how I see it!


2 thoughts on “A True Friend

  1. I think a lot of people view animals as soul-less things that just eat, sniff butts, poop, and stink. Growing up a Southern Baptist, it was preached that animals had no souls. I remember wanting to protest to that every time I heard my Sunday School teacher say those words. I believe animals have souls, and they have extra senses us humans don’t have. One example that comes to mind is my Mother’s half Terrier and Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. Without any type of training, Tinkerbell is able to sense when my father is about to have a seizure. She even lays on top of my dad when he is having one and barks uncontrollably to get my mother’s attention if she is not in the room. I also believe over the course of time, a dog and it’s owner are able to develop their own language. Sort of like a Mother does with her baby’s cry. I witness this with Tinkerbell and my Mother. Some examples of TinkerMom language would be: “Outside bye-bye = road trip!”, “It’s a bad man, Tinker = I need protection!”, “Where’s the baby Tink = Go find your toys and bring them to me!”. There are so many more, and it is always a trip to watch those two. =p

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