Zabby Eight Update 7/11/10

Zabby, Alodda, Katherine and I had lots of fun over vacation! We picked berries and they all went swimming in Jeff’s pond. Katherine rode the zip line too! The reason that I’m able to recall the details of vacation is because I use $20.00 very sticky brain tape. Katherine explained the process to me on our last day.

I was questioning Kat about how Zabby enjoyed her vacation. (Talking to Zabby directly is difficult. Kat seems to think that we talk a different language.) Katherine told me that Zabby just wasn’t able to remember things as well as Alodda and she.

“I remember things very well Katherine. Why can’t Zabby remember?”

“Oh Grandma, you use extra sticky brain tape like Alodda and me.”

“Why doesn’t Zabby have brain tape?” I just HAD to know more.

“Zabby has brain tape. She wraps it around her head but it doesn’t work very well.”

I then asked Kat to show me how brain tape works. She told me her phone number then asked me to repeat it to her. After I did this, she showed me how to wrap brain tape around my head to keep the number forever.

“That’s a great idea Katherine. Where’d you get that brain tape?”

“At the imaginary beverage center that is next to the real beverage center only it’s taller.”

“Wow! I never heard of that before. How much does imaginary super sticky brain tape cost?”

“It costs $20.00 a roll.” Katherine answered.

“You still didn’t tell me why Zabby’s tape doesn’t work.”

“That is because Zabby bought her’s at the dollar store and it is not waterproof. When she takes a bath, it comes off.”

Well that goes to show us all, when it comes to brain tape, it pays to buy the best!


4 thoughts on “Zabby Eight Update 7/11/10

  1. Brain tape has to be one of the worlds best inventions! I need to get me a roll..not the kind from the dollar store! I love that little girl!

  2. Katherine mentioned something like that tape idea when I spent the day at the lake with her. I had forgotten about it til this. It does make sense. How else would all the info stay in there if not for tape?

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