The Dunnobuster like its name

Busts the dunnos from your brain.

So when you dunno what to do?

It’s that voice inside of you.


It need not tell you “Whys?”, “What fors?”,

Each Dunnobuster’s strictly yours.

Advice and reasons very clear,

The Dunnobuster has no fear.


If it’s confidence you lack,

Dunnobuster’s got your back.

I’ve given mine a name, it’s Ralph,

The Google Search of my own self.


There’s nothing it would rather do

Than wait around to rescue you.

Quite the agent, well disguised,

It’s Everready and Energized!


You’re never sure what it might say

“Go ahead” or “Run away”.

Beware of friends who say, “Ignore.”

They may not have theirs anymore.


Instinct is what the grown-ups call

This bravest, wisest beast of all.

It’s Mom and Dad on ride along

Reminding you what’s right from wrong.


Those who panic and want to quit

Have lost their mighty hold on it.

“Wish I didn’ts” are “Glad I dids!”

The more you use that buster kids.


This friend of safety, ever near,

The wisest whisper in your ear.

Your Dunnobuster cares for you.

That inner voice knows what to do.


When you feel confused, don’t run and hide,

Instinct helps you to decide.

No greater power known to Man,

When Dunnobuster knows ” you can”.


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Dunnobuster by sillyfrog
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