Forest Dream

“One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”~Robert Frost

The vacation of my dreams would be at a remote cabin in Maine. I’d need my dog, a rifle, my fishing tackle, several books, my acrylic painting supplies and my camera.

Of course, it would be beside a pristine lake and I believe I’d like it to take place in late June. June is when everything is brand new and the days are long.

I would like the cabin to have generator power and a microwave oven for the “quick fix” kind of meals. Meal planning would be one thing that I was vacationing from.

The generator power would provide me with lighting for all night reading although I might forgo the reading to enjoy the deep forest voices.

I’m sure that I’d find a local wildlife interest and do a photo study, as well as, some paintings. I’d keep a journal of the special moments of connection I’d surely experience in that wild place. Not looking in a mirror or making one phone call would be just fine with me. Unless necessary, I probably would not even change my clothes very often. No one can criticize a person when they’re alone. I like my own company and the company of my dog more than anything.

The fragrant smell of pine trees would be all the perfume I’d want and the crackle of a campfire the only answer to my out loud questions. Certainly I would talk and sing and dance any time that it pleased me to. My dog would not care as long as he could sleep by my side.

Yes, this would be one wonderful time.


3 thoughts on “Forest Dream

  1. Hi, I loved this posting about your dream vacation. The way you worded it almost felt like I was there…it was neat. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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