A family story

On the day that I was born something very coincidental happened, or was it?

My mother was married in June and did so with her father’s blessing only by promising to finish her approaching senior year at college.

Well, didn’t I just mess up that plan!

I was born on April 11Th of the following Spring after forcing my mommy to quit school because of severe morning sickness.( She does get her degree 18 years later, but this story is about me.)

My mother loved the name Susan and decided it was her choice of a girl’s name early in her pregnancy.

Heck, she had plenty of time to consider names after I ruined her senior year. By the way, the “rhythm method” does not work.

Well, you need to know that my grandfather had an Aunt Susan. She was not a part of my mom’s life and not the reason mom liked the name.

Now the creepy part starts!

Aunt Susan was an excellent artist.Grandpa later told me, that she could reproduce any famous painting that she studied. No other family member had any artistic leanings.

I was born at 6:59 am. What’s first thing any new mom does?

She calls HER mom.

After my mommy announced, my arrival, my grandma relayed her own bit of news.

She had JUST received a phone call. Great-Aunt Susan had passed away.

Goosebumps right?

There’s more.

I am the artist of my family. Neither of my siblings were gifted, just Susan.

As the theme to The Twilight Zone echoes in your brain, what do you think?

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