What I Lost and Want Back

Go get ’em girls!

rachel # 10 fielding

Back in the day, I was a pretty good athlete. That was a time when women’s sports was in its infancy.

My particular talents were inspired by the “girls needed to be better than boys in order to play with them” concept. I was.

In sixth grade,the boys were short a “man” on the basketball court one day. I was asked to play. With my heart in my throat, I knew I needed to shine for the good of all girls. I kept up very nicely. The new found respect I received was intoxicating.

The male teachers must has been talking, after the fact,because I received quite a few thumbs-up in the hallway the next day.

By the time I was in 7 th grade, I had a bit of a reputation as a “girl jock”. The teachers were planning a teacher/boy football scrimmage and we were discussing it in Math class. Our Math teacher was also a boys coach. The question of the dimensions of a football field came up.Our own famed quarterback offered the answer of 100 yards X 53 yards. Oh boy! What a moment followed when I interjected the correct dimensions of 100 yards X 53 and one third yards.The Math teacher threw his chalk in the air while muttering,”Unbelievable.”

I went on to enjoy a High School career in field hockey, soccer and softball. We did not have uniforms or manicured playing fields but we were the first girls team to get one bus trip for a local scrimmage with the Williams College women’s team. It was a start.

Nowadays, women are respected in athletics.

I like to think it is ,in part, because of young women like myself from the 60s.

I do miss that thrill of victory and the physical agility that I once had. My hands are very arthritic now. I’d really love to shine once again!

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2 thoughts on “What I Lost and Want Back

  1. I work in an athletics department….with a darn good softball program if I could say so myself. It has been really neat to hear about stories of when the program is not as high profile and popular as it is today. They’re stories of women who believed in coaches, players and the program…now, the stands are overflowing and our coach is very well respected.

    Thanks for the good read.

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