The Alaskan Red Fuzz Caper

” Don’t look Hazel,it ain’t pretty.  Yup…we found him this morning.”

Don was the first on the scene and needed to fill his partner Hazel in.

“The ole’ boy stuck out like a dead seal in that snow bank. Red everywhere.”

Hazel’s eyes of hazel widened as they filled with tears.

“He probably wouldn’t have been missed for 6 months. The fakers would have seen to that.”

“Yut Hazel, the world will be changed and if it weren’t for those two cross country skiing nuns, none of us might ever had known what really happened.”

“I can’t believe he was that far in debt! Guess the economy was the deciding factor in his relocation south. What will we tell the kids?”

“Hazel…it ain’t our job to tell anybody. We just gather the facts.”

“My report will say he must have been sleep walking and a polar bear got ’em.”

The report went on to say: Fat Man with white beard discovered in a snow bank. Age unknown but quite old. Newcomer to the area due to cut backs at the North Pole. Cause of death: Exposure- old fella had them red furry clothes torn from his body. It was claws that was the cause of the ended  Claus.

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