The Vacation Argument # 22 …same as ALL the others.

“Did you remember to…?”

“Yes,you know I always do.”

“Got my razor?”


“I have the kids’ clothes, floaty toys, blankets,treats,medicine, and 2 pairs of shoes each.”

“Did you really have to bring so much stuff?”

“You’ll be glad I have “stuff” when we need “stuff”.

“Lock the door?”

“Uh huh.”

“Did you pay the gas bill?”


“Call my mother?”

“I talked to her yesterday.She knows… My what a beautiful morning! I love leaving on vacation at the crack of dawn. Look at that beautiful sky! Ah, this vacation is going to be just what I need.”

“I was thinking, if we don’t spend all of our vacation money we can start Christmas shopping when we get back.”

“LISTEN TO ME! IT IS JULY. I will think about Christmas in September!”

“Gee you are grouchy this morning.”

“I know, I’m such a buzz kill aren’t I?”

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