Dear Blip…

It was a blast jotting a note for you to find in the future.  Blast as in fun not explosion.

Let me  imagine new terms that may have developed 100 years from now.

Here goes…

Splurgery: the act of government spending that requires a tax on body parts.

Adultorate: the manner by which you remove any fun from an activity.

Polifuddle: all messes made by those who were considered experts on political correctness.

Gisterd: the just reward for gistering.

Gistering: the act of being gisterd.

Gisterizer: the one who gisters you.

Nongisterables: the newly founded group organized to combat flagrant gistering.

Homascobes: kids who flunk out of home schooling and, therefore, live on the streets.

Antinetshockhomolators: anyone who kills by the intentional  separating of people from their internet source.

(No crystal balls were used in this experiment.)


Hope you are well and happy.

Your Great,Great,Really Great Auntie Susan


One thought on “Dear Blip…

  1. I have noticed a great many Polifuddles lately. I’ve always agreed to some degree regarding experts “X is an unknown number and (S)pert is a drip from the faucet. This is not to make little of the Polifuddles. Because afterall, I’m not an expert.

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