Fluid are my thoughts.

Writers are constant thinkers. By now, all of you must have realized that your best material pops to mind whenever you are busy and are unable to jot them down. Even if you dash for a pencil and pad, somehow those perfect phrases drift away as you search.

My favorite thought-provoking activities are:

Mowing the lawn

Taking a shower

Driving the car (not while riding as much)

Waking up in the dark

…and as I am caring for my day care kids.

Nothing disturbs a thought more than a stinky diaper or a messy face!

Even now, I have been interrupted twice away from this post.

Can you imagine the intuitive, brilliant things I might have said? 🙂

Have a great weekend! I’ll be mowing my lawn.


5 thoughts on “Fluid are my thoughts.

  1. That’s cute and I know what you mean. I have composed(then forgotten) the best blogs whenever other wised engaged.. Can’t write a thing when I sit down at the computer.
    I enjoy your blog Susan.

  2. Mine comes from conversation with people. After I have said something really good, I’m no where near a pen and pencil. When I do finally get a chance to jot it down I can’t remember word for word what I said. =OOOO

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