Call for Susan…line numero uno.

A peaceful place.

This morning I am feeling like a new person. I had not really acknowledged how much having an adult offspring at home had weighed me down.

My youngest has his own apartment and I can see the light of days to come. This weekend I felt like painting again. My home has been more clutter free than I can remember in a long while. When I get up, I am FREE to roam a home that feels like my own again… Fewer phone calls and mainly for me.

The grocery bills will be lower. The electric bills will be lower. Quiet will be available, now and then.

What is this thing called “The Empty Nest Syndrome”?

I used to think it was a difficult part of the life cycle. Is it supposed to be?

I think I’ll just enjoy my home today…possibilities abound. My life is calling on line numero uno.


4 thoughts on “Call for Susan…line numero uno.

  1. At first, I thought that maybe something was wrong with me. I didn’t feel this “empty nest syndrome.” My daughter moved out first and then 7 years later my son was on his own as well. I felt invigorated.

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