Koontz…Old Reliable

My Favorite.

For the record,the most reliable author for a fun read is Dean Koontz. ๐Ÿ™‚

Every time I start a Koontz novel, it feels as if a hand reaches out and grabs me!

I find his stories thrilling and thought-provoking and just plain fun. Several times, I have laughed right out loud then had goosebumps within a few pages. As often as he may be described as a Stephen King type, I’ll tell you that he’s better. Mr. Koontz does not arbitrarily place words or scenes for an R-rating, as I suspect King does.

A few of my favorites, so far, are:

Life Expectancy

The Taking




From the Corner ofย  His Eye


There are so very many titles,ย  you certainly can browse and find something to enjoy. Dean Koontz is like an old friend~ reliable and never a disappointment. This author knows how to end a story so that the reader is satisfied.

Sometimes you just want to read something that you know you’ll enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Koontz…Old Reliable

  1. I completely agree! Not only do I love frogs, I like your taste in authors too!

    My favorite summertime read is Lightning, by Dean Koontz. Have you read it? If not, it’s a must!

    BTW – I’m adding your blog to my blogroll. I love your froggie pics! ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Pickie Pixie

    • Well that just tickles me to meet you!
      I will grab a copy of Lightening at the flea market this weekend.
      If you are ever looking for Koontz paperbacks…I know a good place to get them for $1.00.
      (be happy to mail ’em to ya:-)

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