My Thoughts on the Death Penalty

A tortuous choice that is needed.

Death Row cell


Sounds awfully simple. It tortures me to answer this.

I know it is not a “modern ” view. I DO believe there are unspeakable crimes where the death penalty IS warranted.

The crimes, that I could describe to make my point, are too heinous to even repeat…but they exist. I need not create nightmares to make my point.

DNA can really help us out. The “without a doubt” must be held to the highest scrutiny.

I  do not consider it a deterrent …but an end of the threat to other potential victims.

I do not like the juvenile “tried as an adult” situation though. Either you are a juvenile or you are not.

I knew a friend who had been a steadfast opponent of the death penalty.

Her brother was mugged and murdered, at random, for $14.00 in his pocket…

her views were forever changed, as was, her life.

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