My Favorite Comfort Food

Nutty but Nice

Brazil Nuts & Filberts

Um, nuts.

Yup I love nuts!

If I have a can of mixed nuts in the house, I will nibble them all day long.

Protein (notice the i before e thing doesn’t apply.), is brain food and my brain is ALWAYS hungry.

Just think of those nut pluses:

1. not messy. (unless you are cracking them…then maybe you have too much time on your hands?)

2.just a couple at a time satisfies.

3.Makes you take care of your teeth. Ya need ’em for nuts.

4.they come from the most remote places…you are employing the world as you snack.’s really easy to make friends with squirrels with nuts in your pocket. can always use them to create an impromptu “off-color” joke with your male co-workers.

7…and finally, you are what you eat!

Is it nut profiling to single out the Brazil and Filberts first?

Hope not…

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7 thoughts on “My Favorite Comfort Food

  1. I concur, nuts are fabulous comfort food. They are a must have when I’m travelling. Salted Cashews are my favorite. The runner up would be tamari almonds. I could almost do a nut version of Bubba Gumps 100 ways Shrimp recipes.

  2. “Life is like a box of Nuts, you never know what type of nut you are going to deal with next!” lol

  3. I love nuts as well, especially cashews. And you’re right, they’re healthy, so I can munch away, guilt-free. 🙂

    My mom makes this fabulous maple and cashew chicken dish. I’ll have to get the recipe from her and share it. It’s wonderful for us nutty fans! 🙂

  4. I can’t eat nuts cuz I have braces… *SNIFFLE*
    But they’re coming off on Friday, and as soon as we get out of the orthodontist office I’m getting my mom to buy me a pack of gum, some laffy taffy, maybe some caramel, and a can of mixed nuts! (I haven’t eaten any of those for 2 and a half years!!)

      • Thanks! I’m brushing my teeth like, 5 times today! Another thing I remembered I have to go get: soda! Apparently there’s something with the acid and the metal so I was only allowed to drink soda once a month! I can’t believe I’m actually getting rid of these… things that have been engraved in my teeth for 2 and a half years! =D

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