My Prophetic Dream

Glad I didn’t know for sure…

colourful autumn

On an especially hot night during July 1973. I was sleeping at my Aunt’s house and I awoke in a sweat. For a moment, I didn’t know where I was but the dream I had just experienced was all too clear…

My first pet was a gray and white long haired kitten that I named Jasper. He was my everything. My mom had allowed me to get him in May and I had really been missing him while visiting my Aunt!

My dream took place on the dead end street where I lived. I was walking along the road…I remember it was a cool day and the trees were in full Fall color.

A disturbance arose and a crowd of neighbors gathered looking into the wooded road’s edge.

That is when I realized that it was my Jasper, lying lifeless, that they had gathered around.

I never saw his body…my mind couldn’t bare that image. The place and the circumstance were very clear. He had been hit by a vehicle.

Now, covered in sweat and in the dark at my Aunt’s house, I felt the pang of nausea that would have accompanied the event…had it really happened?

IT DIDN’T…whew.

I calmed myself and “chalked up” the ugly dream as a manifestation of my loneliness for my “baby”. Still rattled, I was able to fall asleep again.

That October,Friday the thirteenth, my Jasper was hit by a vehicle. Our attempts to save him did not work.

The place on my road was the same from that July dream…need I say more?

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4 thoughts on “My Prophetic Dream

    • I did once and I remember the numbers too!
      Ask me to share them with you.
      I figured if they are MY winning numbers…then they’ll come in when I’m ready to play.

  1. This is a touching story and I agree with mommylaila, you are a gifted writer! Love the imagery of the story, even if it has a bad ending… Sorry about your kitty cat. 😦

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