Being prepared.

One of my favorite activities is to practice survival skills in my mind.

That’s right. I have never believed that this world is meant for people to be pitted against each other. We are here to survive against Nature.

Mother Nature is a wonder but she is an awesome force not to be taken lightly. I believe the Survivorman has really lived.

Many of us are from ancestors who battled the elements and won. I hate to imagine how soft we’ve become. I’ve known people who “freak out” if they realize they have no butter. What? “Take a deep breath and you’ll be OK until you lose the TV remote again!”

Last Spring, I had a really bad nervous episode. I hadn’t taken very good care of myself and it caught up with me. Even in my state of confusion, I grabbed my pocket knife,and magnesium stone. Those were the items that made me feel safe. It actually surprised me.

I love to read books about survival and edible wild plants. Being prepared makes me feel comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around with an apocalyptic complex. I just want to stay close to that wild side that the pioneers needed to survive. The creepiest thing to become is that woman,in Jaws, standing ankle-deep in the ocean frozen with fear and just screaming!

The boy scouts said it right,”Be prepared.”

Knowing how little that we know is the first step. Placing ourselves in imaginary harms way is the second step. Practicing how to react is the most important thing you could do. EMTs do it. We all should.


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