Blunder Dunder

Blunder Dunder was a kid.

I hate to tell you what she did.

But learn you must, as she did not.

Don’t touch the stove when it is hot!

Mother warned and Daddy pleaded,

But neither one she ever heeded.

Blunder Dunder moved in spite

Because she thought she’s always right.

Once when she jumped on her bed,

“You might get hurt.”, her mother said.

She placed her fist upon her hip

Then fell right off and bit her lip!

It’s the HARD way she must learn.

Blunder was a name she earned.

I hope, my friend, you’ll learn from facts,

Not from careless, hurtful acts.

Parents try to warn their kids

From things they know and “should have dids”.

Don’t be a Blunder Dunder squirt.

Save yourself a lot of hurt!


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