Relocated Blog: Just Punt

I wrote this for my other blog. Since this is my most successful and favorite blog, I felt that I should add it .

(A day care mom brought it to work for a pep-talk “huddle”. It got rave reviews 🙂 )

Just punt...

When things get rough…just punt.

Ah…my first post on blogger and I’m using football terminology.
Life and football are much alike.
One must have goals to reach.
You need blockers…no one gets through it on their own.
Some might say their religion or scruples are the coach.
Hopefully we are not ill often, but when we are,”Time OUT!”
We reap the rewards and take the punishment for our actions…”15 yards for unnecessary roughness!”
Certainly no one can argue against a good offense being the best defense, or maybe the other way around?
We all hope to gain ground throughout life but all of us have fumbled once or twice.

So…I named my blog,”Just Punt”
I am hardly ever serious and quite the procrastinator too.
To me, every day is a new beginning and if you don’t like what you see, try again tomorrow.

Just Punt mug
Just Punt by sillyfrog
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5 thoughts on “Relocated Blog: Just Punt

    • I never got your message about the book…
      Relocated meant that I had started another blog on blogger and decided to post this onto sillyfrog’s blog from there.Thanks!

  1. Ravishing reviews I tell you!! It was the hot topic at the water cooler, woman were chatting about it in bathrooms, management made pie charts of it’s success. Seriously, it was posted on the front page of our intranet. YES, YOU ROCK, YOUR WRITING ROCKS, and Have a rockin’ day!

  2. Tell management to order coffee cups! LOL!
    Tell me when you need to do another huddle…I’d love to try writing something new.
    Thanks for your support and friendship 🙂

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