I am a Frog

I’ve thought about being a frog.

Oh, to sun myself on a log.

My tongue is sticky and long.

“Knee deep” is my favorite song.

My menus depend on nearby.

Room service is served on the fly.

Cool water protects from the sun.

Jumping makes travel more fun.

Sleeping the winter away.

Awaking on Spring’s warmest day.

Kids will squeal… such delight.

I’ll be caught for a moment, “FLASHLIGHT”.

Ancient marvel …evolution’s embrace.

I’VE even been shot into space.

In your tent with my pond nearby,

I’ll sing you a sweet lullaby.

Don’t forget really cool green webbed feet.

Yes, I’m a frog and living’s so sweet.

Hey, a hawk would be a great theme.

I will be all that I dream.


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