Just yesterday…

Saturday evening Katherine and her mom, Ellen, stayed over at our campsite. (Ellen is my daughter.)

She and her Pepe’ built a great campfire.

The BEST campfire ever!

Katherine calls her strength “campin’ muscles”.

Campin' muscles.

The next morning, Katherine and I got up first. I had coffee, she had hot chocolate. We sat outdoors,in the woods, enjoying the early morning sun. The birds were singing and we also heard crickets. It was a beautiful sharing time for us both!

The very next morning, Katherine came to my house for day care. She asked for a hot chocolate in the very same kind of cup that she had used Sunday in the woods.

As she was sipping, she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, “Grandma? Remember when we sat in the forest, listened to the birds and enjoyed the morning?”

” Yes, Katherine, I really enjoyed that too!”

She sipped a little more then looked at me. She gave a deep sigh and dreamily said,” Those were the days.”

I guess her “old” days are in creation. Reflecting upon them means thinking of just yesterday. 🙂

Memories in the making.


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