Creative Project # 9 Thoughts of You

"Thougts of You" bottle

Above is an example of what I call a “Thoughts of You” bottle.

Our family has made them, for special people, for many years. The one above, was made by my sister, in 1993, for me.

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift they make. The materials needed are:

  • white (clear drying) glue
  • a nicely shaped bottle (washed and dried)
  • a paint brush
  • scissors
  • an assortment of magazines and catalogs
  • Clear acrylic spray-on gloss finish

Start by collecting many cut-out images and words or phrases that remind you of that person. (I start an envelope and collect them over a month or so.)

Mix the white glue with a touch of water. You’ll want it to spread easily.

Apply the larger photos first by dabbing some glue onto the bottle, adding the picture,then smoothing it against the bottle with the same brush.

You need not wait for them to dry…apply them in a collage, then allow your finished bottle to dry. You will get better at keeping the cut-outs wrinkle free with practice.

The dried bottle need only be sprayed with an acrylic sealer to make it hand washable. You may even turn it into a vase and add flowers.

It’s a joy to make and even more of one to receive!


3 thoughts on “Creative Project # 9 Thoughts of You

  1. What a wonderful gift. I have thought about making such a thing, maybe for a lamp base for the den, or if I could get the right bottle, even for the living room.
    I have actually been saving some bottles to use, but just haven’t done it.
    That’s it, I will get started, and make them for my family and for friends, too.

  2. Sounds like you’ll be having lots of fun!
    Don’t overlook Shop by Mail catalogs…lots of funny phrases on tee shirts there. Thanks for watching…let me know how they come out!
    (PS. My grandmother is buried with one that I had made for her.)

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