My Colorful Question

My Colorful Question

Gray is cool.

Red’s for stop.

Yellow sunny

Lemon drop.

Green is mowing.

Black is sleek.

Pink is ” kiss me

On the cheek”.

Orange cleanses.

Aqua marine.

Silver is metal.

White can’t be seen.

Brown is earthy.

Smells like moss.

Gold is glitter

And a gloss.

Lime taste of sour.

Chartreuse  delight.

Nose is Maroon.

Sniffles at night.

Emerald rich color.

Ruby a gem.

Diamonds are clearly

Not one of them.

Peach is a flavor.

It goes well with Cream.

Coffee excluded.

Sweet cloudy dream.

Purple a plum fruit.

Sassy sort of hue.

The only thing I can’t explain.

Why is sadness Blue?


13 thoughts on “My Colorful Question

  1. A lovely poem!! So cheery!!! Brown – smells like moss…heheheh
    It’s my faaaaaaaaaavorite color though… boring, but earthy 🙂
    LOVED the poem! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it…
    And I too always wonder why Blue is associated with sadness! I mean “Monday Blues”??? Why?? It’s such a fresh and lovely color…
    Phew… who knows why!

  2. Thank-you for the confidence building praise 🙂
    I LOVE the smell of earth and brown is all I need to say to experience it.
    I must thank Jingle for introducing me to lovely people.
    Have a great day…I feel sparkley !

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