I Loved This Book's Setting

I read this book in one sitting.

By the famed author of Deliverance, the setting of this novel was captivating.

“The book is written as an unbroken monologue. It is a meditation on war, death, survival, childhood, stalking prey. It is one of those novels that uses a persons voice and simple language to show us beautiful images and present astounding conditions and situations. You could look at it as a behind-the-enemy-lines survival guide. But it is more than that: it is a journey into a mans mind. Reading the book is literally like putting on a pair of magical glasses that lets you see through another set of eyes.” That was taken from an insightful review. I agree!

It is poetic and horrific but what a wild experience through the the vision of one man.

I felt every part of being there. There is an hypnotic train ride that still haunts me. I needed to read this all at once to fully enjoy the experience of a person having to do ANYTHING to survive in an unfamiliar and unfriendly place.

This is not for anyone who could not view , Saving Private Ryan. The scenes are brutal but the scenery is unforgettable!

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