Experiment # 18

Today is the 18th.

It is MY day each month.

When I was 14, I assigned one day a month to be my BEST day. I chose the 18th because,at the time, my favorite quarterback was Roman Gabriel of the LA Rams. Gabriel’s # was 18.

The 18th has been a day of good fortune and happiness from then on…

Good expectations can do so much. My experiment with the 18th has proven that to me.

Yes, it started as a kid game…I got the best test results in school, completed fun projects and even was prone to happy surprises on my 18th day.

Superstition can be fun if it’s for good!

Last month, the 18th was a grand day. I had a blog post picked up by the author Robert McCammon. Actually, it was his people on the facebook site. I made a new friend, she commented and connected on my “About me” page. I felt as though I was a writer for the very first time. A day care mom surprised me with a gift of a poetry book too.

Yes, the 18th has been very good to me. No worries here today 🙂

Go ahead…make my day.

Happy 18th !


9 thoughts on “Experiment # 18

  1. I like your idea! Designating a best day of the month is so creative. And like writing in a gratitude journal, I imagine it encourages looking for good things that happen on the 18th! What we look for and expect, we usually find. I’m enjoying reading your blog, and am encouraged to start back on mine, which I have neglected. And yes, you are a writer! Claim it, girl! A writer is someone who writes, to express thoughts and feelings, to make sense of the world. Whether or not you are ever published and famous, you are a writer. I was over fifty before I claimed it. I had written all my life, but felt it was not important enough, I wasn’t good enough, etc. It took a bout of depression for me to finally realize what and who I was and that I had been taking jobs JUST SO I could be that! I was an Army cook for many years – I loved the slicing and dicing and thinking my own thoughts! Then I sort of fell into driving a truck. Once again, steering and thinking my own thoughts! Helloooo? Once I realized I had been a writer all my life, even choosing jobs to allow me to write in my head, I finally felt free to claim it, and my writing has increased and gotten better. I have had a short story published, several essays in the local newspaper, and now write a monthly column for an online newsletter for women in ministry. I’ve also become a Lay Speaker in my church, and get to write my own homilies!
    Best to you in all your endeavors!

  2. I too have an association with a number from a football player. He wasn’t famous so to speak. He was the QB of our high school football team. , lucky number 10. 😉

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