Am I Russian?

Spending so many years with kids has made me a “scatter brain”. (I think I always had “scatter brain” tendencies though.)

My day care hours are from 7:00am – 5:30pm.

Everything I do is at the “sperm:-)” of the moment.

Tying shoes,finding socks,changing diapers,answer phone,try to have a moment on computer, make lunch,make snacks,put ice on bumps, wash tears off of faces…I am rushin’.

When I have time alone, I find that I still rush through everything. Try and keep up with me at the grocery store…never have I known what browsing means.

My disorder has an order to ME. My anticipation skills are keen. One must anticipate with kids.

I’ve done my best artwork while kids bumped me and interrupted me. Actually, I find quiet unnerving. I still crave it though.

The weekday world outside of my home is absolutely foreign to me. There is a world of browsers and shoppers and nappers there. I know they exist, I had my birthday off in April and experienced the place. A world in slow motion with casual chatting and the thumping of melons. Weird place to be when you are a Russian 🙂 .

Gotta go….!

Here we come!


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