My Epic Road Trip

Northern Adventure

Happy Canada Day!

I really have been very few places out of New York and New England. I always have wanted to see Canada. I’ve heard that the highways are clean and speed limits are unheard of.

My love of forests and wilderness would certainly be satisfied.

As for weather, I enjoy it really cool so North is always my favorite direction.

An excellent road trip is more about who you are with than where you’re going.

My dog would absolutely be by my side and I have a few friends that I would enjoy as well.

No schedules, meals when hungry and stops as they seem interesting.

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6 thoughts on “My Epic Road Trip

  1. Ah, I remember a wonderful trip when I was fifteen (about one-hundred years ago!) from Brooklyn to Montreal, QC. It was so lovely. We came back home through New England. What a memorable trip. All the greenery … cool forests … many quaint cobbled (at that time) streets in Montreal … the best deviled soft-shelled crab … a kind waitress. Enjoy. Keep safe. Nice that you have your pup along.

  2. Hope you get to make it up here one day šŸ™‚
    I had an epic journey across Canada myself, Husband and the two kids. It was something i will never forget. Canada isn’t as cold as everyone lets on, it is so diverse. Driving one day through rain and freezing temps, to driving down the mountain a few hours later to t-shirts weather. good luck on your journeys šŸ™‚

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