Numbers cannot be trusted.

I have these extraordinary internal dialogs while I am alone in the woods.

My particular subject was numbers. I really do not trust anything that seems concrete. Numbers are so over valued. Polls mean nothing…too many variables. Grades come far from mapping what a student learns and credit scores are a joke.

I hope I am not too vague with my statements…

Consider that you are a custodian. Your duties will be to maintain either 200,000 square feet or 20,000 square feet. Heck, you choose the smaller number. Your footage ends up to be the entire perimeter of a store. This includes all of the windows,entrances,trash bins,offices and high traffic areas. The one who chose the 200,000 sq. feet, rides a floor buffer.

It was inferred that I cheated on a Biology Final. I loved the subject but was very lax about completing homework assignments. My overall grade was about a 79. My final (I have never cheated.) was a 97. My teacher made a comment which I cannot remember BUT it inferred that I must have cheated. On paper, my grades said I did not know the material. My final, proved that I did.

Take a poll at a local business. Set up every day at 9:00 am.

Take the same poll at 4:30pm ,for a week.

Move to a Southern state and take the poll.

Take the same poll to the mall.

Can’t you imagine that those poll takers might have different opinions based upon age,employment and region? If you only sample one place at a specific time, what have you learned? If you are targeting a particular demographic, you may get an inkling BUT even those results should not be considered concrete. Even the weather is a factor, those who walk may not go out…etc.

I know of people who have paid their bills religiously, with cash, are worth a million dollars and have no or little credit. Come on!

Numbers may work for or against an argument and are easily manipulated. Life has too many variables to even entertain that numbers can measure anything pertaining to human behavior.

I never trust them.


3 thoughts on “Numbers cannot be trusted.

  1. I like your way of thinking. You are certainly right about polls having many variables. It’s also true that anyone taking a poll can manipulate the results by choosing who they will question, as well as not being flexible in when they take the poll.

  2. I know how bad it when someone questions your integrity! The teacher should have known better!! So, I have a feeling that I trust the polls too, atleast not a lot of them esp. when they have to do anything with Politics, heck, I dont even trust if it real money in my internet bank.. :)) But, seriously, I think the numbers like Census and Disaster relief funds should be atleast error proof.. Or atleast lets hope they are.. 🙂
    Nice blog you have here and thanks so much for your comments on my site!

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