The Most Bizarre Person I've Ever Met


Hiking with the Dog

When I was sixteen, a young man about 19 happened to stop by the lake where I stayed at a cottage. We “regular” kids hung out together after dark and, one night there he was, nap sack,guitar,Great Dane companion and some hash. (The kind you smoke not eat.)

I couldn’t imagine a life of roaming around.

He frightened me although he was such a likable fellow. Dog lover’s rate highly on my initial character evaluation.

I hung around just long enough to listen to his campfire romancing of the “free life”. I have to admit, it sounded like fun.

When he broke out the drugs, I left.

Still, I liked him. I don’t believe he was evil and I vowed never to judge anyone upon there choice of lifestyle again.

Within a day or two,he moved on. I remember considering giving him a loaf of bread. I didn’t though. Once he showed the drugs, I kept away. He may have bartered for the drugs so I felt I couldn’t assume he was a thief. At sixteen, the drugs were enough of a warning sign.

I can’t listen to Mr.Bojangles without him coming to mind.

Sometimes, at age 54, I still think of him. I wonder if it was as grand a life as he imagined. I hope so…

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4 thoughts on “The Most Bizarre Person I've Ever Met

  1. Let’s hope he lived long enough to grasp the idea that he was flirting with death, and that he finally settled down and got a life. Maybe he’s now a writer, still spinning tales.

    My younger sister used to judge her boyfriends by how much her dog and horse liked or disliked young men. As things turned out, they were right. One young man who was obsessed by her, turned out to be a stalker. He even continued to stalk her after she was married and even when she was expecting their first child.

    Her dog and horse hated that one.

    As for the one she married, the both loved him. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary, and have two lovely daughters who also chose wisely.

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