Safe Versus Sorry

Foresight is a wonderful tool…

It had been too long since I had owned a dog. In 2004, I was able to convince my husband that it was not a desire but a need of mine.

Once that was settled, names,activities and breed types swirled in my head.

My sister and brother-in-law have owned many shelter dogs.They specifically are drawn to the older, more unlikely to be adopted ones.

I do family day care. I needed a dog without issues. My sister convinced me to look for a puppy to raise and train. Being home all day was the best situation for puppy training. She had heard of a new litter of Irish Jack Russells. I went to see the newborns but was wary of the breed being fit for a house full of kids and 3 cats.

When I met them, I was hooked!

The mother had a lovely disposition and one very special little guy licked the end of my nose when I lifted him in my palm.

Now to the “safer than sorry” part.

One of my daydreams was to take my dog on morning walks in my neighborhood. I live on a busy street but have a fenced front yard. After bringing Ollie home, I realized he may at one time or another have a chance to get out. I have a lot of “people traffic” through my doors.

From day one, I decided NEVER to walk him across the street.

My backyard leads up a hill straight into the woods.

When we walked and played it was always “up the hill”.

One day, my choice saved my Ollie’s life. He did get out! With 20 yards to the street, he opted to run up hill to the woods where I was able to catch him.


My decision to give up daily walks was proved to be for the better!

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5 thoughts on “Safe Versus Sorry

  1. My dog got out about 4 months ago (workers left the gate open), and was within inches of being crushed by a car on the busy road in front of my house. It scared the begeezus out of her and she ran and hid in her room. I used it as a training exercise and started intentionally leaving the gate open (with supervision). Now, she knows she can hang in the driveway, but won’t even go into the front yard. Since that day, she won’t go near that road, or any road.

    • Oh my goodness!
      What a blessing in disguise…I know how you must have felt.
      Too bad that most of the time, result is tragic.
      Glad you still have your friend 🙂

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