Children of the same Mother

This I understood

A soft whisper of a purr not unlike the hum of a ceiling fan.

One gentle touch

A hand brushes my ear, soft and supple as a tongue’s underside.

She smelled warm

Just like sunshine does when it is absorbed into a line-dried towel.

Whisper’s eyes sparkled

Dark and deep, shady pools sprinkled with the diamonds called life.

Sharing a pillow

The raccoon orphan and I slept, blanketed in safety, love and trust.


Children of the same Mother.

About 25 years ago, a childhood dream of mine came true. My husband brought a lost baby raccoon home from work. She had been stranded in an entrance to a dorm. Whisper and I bonded immediately. We slept together and I fed her from a baby bottle. She was finally placed with other orphaned youngsters to be returned to the wild. I will never forget her…( Rabies  was not common here, at that time. Our vet approved of the temporary arraignment. ) Not a wise situation for today.


11 thoughts on “Children of the same Mother

  1. Wow, that’s thrilling. “Sprinkled with the diamonds of life…” Brilliant description.
    We are all children of the same mother although the raccoons that visit us aren’t exactly cuddly. :0)

    • So glad that you enjoyed my true tale.
      That line was one I puzzled over the longest. Guess I made a good decision 🙂
      You are wonderful for stopping by with a comment…thanks!

  2. aaaaw, so touching.. very warm indeed.. Glad to know that you got your wish fulfilled this way.
    Very thoughtful of you to have made a mention of “this not being anymore practical”. This only shows upon your concern for everyone and all. Beautiful woman with beautiful heart here.. Loads of love xoxox

    • Yes, ” don’t try this at home kids”!
      It was an amazing experience I had wished for so long!
      You are a dear lady for your marvelous commenting style.
      Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say…you always say things so well.

  3. This was soooo sweet! I think I fell in love with Whisper after reading this! Your words gave me goosebumps!
    “She smelled warm
    Just like sunshine does when it is absorbed into a line-dried towel.” – this was marvelous!!
    And the title for the poem is so so so befitting and thoughtful!

    Thanks a ton for sharing this lovely piece with poetry potluck! It really was a treat!

  4. I always love your word choice,
    very fantastic and fun to read a loud..

    your support is valued,
    your poetry is accepted,
    hope to see you next Monday…

  5. Yes, Children of same Mother Nature and I liked the warmth in the feelings and sharing together a moment of time… liked these lines… Beautiful
    “She smelled warm, Just like sunshine does when it is absorbed into a line-dried towel.”

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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