On short days

Sweet maturity



11 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Nice, short poems are the best (and the hardest) trying to captures so much in so little is hard, but think you did a great job.

    (also whats the rule for Haiku’s? i thought it was 5 7 5 convention but I keep seeing people deviate from that)

  2. Beautiful creations indeed.

    Being a surgeon I am in the habit of talking and writting with a scalpel on human bodies.

    Poetry is reviving back my emotions & tender feelings.

    Till date I have been deeling with wrong side emotions and imaginations in my patients.

    You have taught me that these could of great use too besides adding a lot pleassure in life.

    Great art on your part indeed.

    • One of my day care fledglings is at college, he won top honors in Art and Science and plans on becoming a doctor.
      I hope the combination of talents,he claims came from me, will serve him well…
      You have much to offer our community.
      So happy to meet you!

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