Kid Power

It’s probably going to “age” me but I often think about the TV series Punky Brewster. This was a popular TV  show when my kids were little.

I don’t recall any one episode…wait…the one where Henry tries to get a loan for a photo studio but has no credit because he always paid in cash, was good.

Back to the point, Punky always believed in herself and her motto was,”Punky POWER!” . That made one big impression on me. I loved that message, especially for girls who are so often too critical of themselves.

To this day, I tell all my day care kids that they have (insert name) POWER! That it is the single most important and strongest power in the world.

I listened to my inner voice and made good choices as a kid. (Thanks Mom)

Remember to praise kids (even at the market or on the street) for making good choices. They need to know that they hold all the power!



9 thoughts on “Kid Power

  1. Love the picture -It is powerful.
    The computer has enabled you to express your power;
    keep it up,you are reaching more and more each day.
    I always knew you had it in you.

  2. Wondeful peace and wonderful illustration … these kids will probably remember you always …hope you are appreciated for lovely them and what you do … It doesn’t sound like it’s “just a job” to you. Blessings … 🙂 Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! … and happy Poets Rally days …


  3. Yes, it’s certainly important to lets kids know they have the POWER to make good choices, and that they don’t have to just follow along with what everyone else is doing or thinking. Those choices will affect the rest of their lives.

    I remember my parents always teaching us that only we are responsible for our choices, and that it is important that we do have the power and freedom to choose our own path. Only with wise choices will be reap good from good choices, and poor choices will lead to negative results.

    I always liked to watch Punky Brewster too, as it always had a sensible message to send to young people. Punky and her grandfather had problems to face and tackle and chose carefully.

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