A Hobo’s Tale

Frank Lee Scarlette was a Frenchman.

He traveled a hobo’s trail.

Never got the good breaks.

Seemed to always fail.

Could not get his hopes up

Now this Cajun’sย  old.

He finally just stop carin’

His hobo’s heart went cold.

One day he won the lotto

Played one buck he’d found.

Collected up the winnings

And passed ’em all around.

Newspaper heard this story

Asked him, Why oh, why?

He had no need for money.

Seems he’s one unique guy.

“I give no damn for baubles.”

Was his only quote.

The title of the news story

Is all the paper wrote.

Frank Lee Scarlette,” I Don’t Give a Damn.”


18 thoughts on “A Hobo’s Tale

  1. Very funny and cute, love the last line. I suspect there is much truth in that line.
    Thank you for your very kind comments on my poetry on Passionate Fiction.

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