Of Moutains and Valleys

Mountains we climb

Life’s trials each day.

Takes only one moment

To sweep us away.

In one tragic instant

Our viewpoint contrasts.

All enter this valley…

Fragile peaks never last.

The fabric of our being

Held together, threads of joy,

Never is a silken path,

More like corduroy .





Monday Potluck Poetry:

Beaches and Mountains


22 thoughts on “Of Moutains and Valleys

  1. Everytime I come here, the first thing I see is your grand daughters eyes…apart from your work (which is always awesome) I just have to say that it touches me immensely…she has the eyes of an angel…sets a calmness here on your page that is in my mind very very special!! I send you love my friend xxx
    Loved your poem so much and the image is just breathtakingly beautiful…lovely to have you linked at Potluck my dear friend xx

    • Amanda,
      That special little girl lights up my life. It’s so wonderful that I can light up my page with her image. Your comments are so utterly beautiful and deep that I feel speechless in my replies…Thank-you for being my friend.What a treasure you are my dear!
      xx Susan 😉

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