My Superstitions

A little luck can’t hurt…


I am probably an irritant to many by saying that I do believe in luck.

Yes,I believe in God.

I also believe in free will and that much of the time we are at the mercy of chance.


I’ve known too many “GOOD” people who have suffered more than their share of bad times.

If I believed that God had a direct hand in everything, then I might come to the conclusion that God is vengeful and unjust.

I’m sure that sounds blasphemous but I hope that you can forgive my thoughts…only God can judge them.

I wish you good luck today, my friends.

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5 thoughts on “My Superstitions

  1. I spin it a little differently. I think our Creator put in place a world of infinite beauty and possibilities, but with certain physical laws. Such as, if you run in front of a train, contract a disease, etc. – it’s gonna hurt. The beauty of it is, the Creator also put other people here to hug us when we need comforting. The world is an ongoing act of creation – it’s up to us to make it as beautiful for ourselves and others as we can.

    • You are so very like me…I couldn’t go on if I felt the world was already made up of fates we could not affect.And the way that we recoil and go on (a pinball game?) effects the goodness around us.
      Gravity can be such a downer, LOL!
      But heck, a little luck adds spice too πŸ™‚
      Hate to think it was all up to me πŸ˜‰

  2. I suppose what some people call luck, the Bible calls time and unforeseen circumstances. It also refers to some people relying on their “God of Good Luck.” So to many, it may just be a different way of phrasing things, while others take it all very seriously, and carry a rabbit’s foot, and are careful not to step on a crack, or throw salt over their shoulder. Things that many just consider fun, others take seriously, and allow it to rule their lives.

    The scriptures certainly do state that man has freedom of choice, which mean we can choose wisely or not so wisely.

    Hugs, and have a wonderful day. We are actually suppose to get some rain for a day or so.

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